Emily Tuck

Emily Tuck is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Energy Tapping Professional in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Emily Tuck


Hi, I am an Energy EFT/ Modern Energy Tapping Practitioner and a Kinesiologist among other things. I began my journey into energy work in 2001 in Surrey to solve my own anxiety issues and never looked back. 

Now in 2019 I am even more passionate about what energy work can achieve. I use Energy EFT/ Modern Energy Tapping along with my Kinesiology and other energy tools and have been in full time practice since 2015. 

I love to watch people use the power of tapping to change their lives and create a life they love to live. I work with my clients to build the life they choose and Modern Energy Tapping is an important part of this work.

In my own life I use Tapping for almost every situation I find myself in. I have used it to manifest all sorts of things in my personal life from overcoming a phobia of exercise that I had lived with for 18 years, and I also met my heroes! 

I am now based in Glasgow and practice Modern Energy Tapping out of Napiers in Glasgow, I also carry out sessions over Skype.

I look forward to sharing this amazing technique with you.


I am also trained as a Kinesiology Practitioner and Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor, Bowen Practitioner, Holistic Massage Practitioner, Mindset Priming Practitioner,  Reiki Master, Divine Transformational Rays Healer. I use all these tools in my practice and run classes in Touch for Health.


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