Emily Tuck

Emily Tuck is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Energy Tapping Professional in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Emily Tuck


I began my journey into holistic therapies in 2001 when I moved from London to Guildford during university, I was recommend to see a Kinesiologist to help with panic attacks and heart palpitations, where the medical profession were unable to solve them.

I felt a benefit from my first treatment and was fascinated how something so simple could have such a profound difference on me.

I felt calmer, the panic within me was significantly reduced after the first treatment. I continued to use these treatments for the next two months and found an ongoing improvement after each session.

Little did I know then, this would awaken in me a lifelong passion for complementary healing and therapies that have transformed my life and the lives of those around me.

I am currently qualified as:

A Touch for Health (TfH) Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor, 

Energy Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner (EFT)

Bowen Technique Practitioner, Holistic Massage Practitioner, 

Reiki Master and Divine Transformational Rays Healing Practitioner

I am based in Surrey and currently a Practitioner & Instructor at Castle Street Clinic Guildford.

I never stop becoming amazed at the power of the treatments, and the profound possibilities that the energy techniques can open up for a person.

My values of personal growth and love of learning new things means I am always learning new ways to improve my energy & my life and those around me.

I am passionate about using these techniques with others either in a treatment and by training others in the healing modalities.

Watching my clients and students develop into who they are born to be, empowering and supporting them to reach their full potential is both humbling and fulfilling.

I look forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm with you, to improve your health and transform your life reaching your goals, & enable you to reach your full potential.

Please feel free to contact me to book for treatments or classes or with any questions or queries regarding what the treatments or classes might entail. 

I look forward to sharing this magical technique with you!


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